The new Shure Microflex Advance networkable array microphones elevate meeting spaces by bringing new levels of clarity to AV conferencing sound.

Microflex Advance conferencing microphones make communication effortless by delivering consistent voice clarity for each person in a meeting, regardless of where they are sitting in the room. More importantly, Microflex Advance enables the best possible experience for the person on the far end of the call by providing more engaging and fluid communication. Whether sitting upright, leaning back, using a laptop or talking at the display, they will still be clearly heard and understood.

This is a one-day training course focussing on pre-sales, technical and commissioning support for the Shure Microflex Advance range. Only authorised Shure Partners will have access to this range, so certification is essential for Partners who wish to sell these products. 


Learn how Microflex Advance and Microflex Wireless AV conferencing microphones will increase your client's profitability by enhancing productivity, collaboration and the well-being of staff. Understand the applications, benefits and limitations of microphone array technology in order to provide the best solution for your client.

AV Technicians

Through the Microflex Advance certification program, learn to setup, run, and troubleshoot the Microflex Advance and Microflex Wireless systems in boardrooms, conference rooms, theatres and other meeting spaces. Covering the following topics:

  • Installation
  • System Setup
  • Software Configuration
  • Troubleshooting


Ronnie van Middendorp

Product and Application Specialist Shure Benelux

Shure Distribution Benelux

Eric Rutten

Shure Project Engineer

Shure Benelux


AV technici en Sales mensen van wie de klanten een duidelijke en consistente AV conferentie audio eisen.


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